Murphy & Gunn Ltd.
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Tushar Wadhwa - Marketing Manager

Murphy & Gunn

Murphy & Gunn is an Irish family-owned business dedicated to automotive sales and aftersales for over 50 years. As an authorised dealer of some of the great brands such as BMW, Hyundai, Toyota & Lexus, Murphy & Gunn’s mission was to serve as a destination space for all motoring needs and become one of the most-trusted car dealers in Ireland.

The Problem

Despite being an authorised dealer of the massive brands, Murphy & Gunn’s own brand was relatively unknown and no marketing strategy was in place. Market penetration was low and digital footprint was non-existent and this needed to change.

That’s when they decided to undergo a redevelopment of the company’s brand positioning strategy and sought our digital expertise in reflecting the brand’s new messaging in a manner conducive to the objectives of driving better engagement and awareness.

The Solution

In order to differentiate in a highly competitive market, Hapi Studio worked closely with Murphy & Gunn in ensuring the new digital presence was visually effective in highlighting the attributes that make Murphy & Gunn unique. To differentiate across sub-brands (Murphy & Gunn BMW, Murphy & Gunn Hyundai, etc) of the brand, Hapi Studio crafted strategic pathways through in-depth user flow exercises to ensure that the right message reached the right user, at the right stage in their customer journey.

To make the most of its new brand positioning strategy and identity, Murphy & Gunn required a streamlined digital presence that closely articulated the core aspects of messaging. The primary emphasis in terms of performance was engaging new potential customers while continuing to delight those returning with the services they loved

By fully immersing ourselves within the Murphy & Gunn brand, we conducted dozens of hours of research & discovery to pave the way for meeting the needs of end users while satisfying Murphy & Gunn’s core objectives. While staying true to the roots of the Murphy & Gunn brand, we were able to achieve what we consider to be among the single most effective digital presences within the automotive retail industry at the time.

Website Optimisation

We implemented a new website structure on the existing website (we couldn’t develop a new one due to some limitations from the client’s end). The proper layout was created to encourage the visitor as well as web crawlers to easily find the information they needed and to capture visitor data for lead generation at the appropriate places.

​Our approach was to present the site as a visual editorial platform with quarterly features based on events and occasions the brand was focused on. Each quarterly focus would be marked by the hero and custom tags that filter content.

OEM Partnerships

We managed marketing partnerships with the respective OEM’s and that involved supporting their national campaigns at a local level.

Content Creation and Design

We created and designed all content for both print and website right from:

  • Sales literature
  • Web page content
  • Marketing literature
  • Newsletters

What we achieved

  • 42% Increase in the web traffic with a 31% increase in the conversions from web
  • Reduced marketing spend by 6% while increasing leads by 64%
  • We fostered a ‘digital’ focus & understanding throughout the Group
  • The social media community increased by over 120% & the engagement rate increased by 150%
  • Successfully started selling cars through social
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